Forceware or video driver?



i own a geforce 6600 pci-e card, i’ve never tried forceware before as i use the default factory driver cd for my card, but recently a new game has demanded me to update my drivers for my card and i don’t know weather i should choose between installing the latest forceware or video drivers from nvidia, i’m having a tough time deciding which one to install as i don’t know the difference between them, so here are my questions:

-should i choose FORCEWARE or just the normal driver update from nvidia?

-i heard forceware could severely damage the card if it’s inproperly used, pelase explain more.

-what are the other minor or major differences between the two?

many thanks for the help.




I’m over at the nVidia site and, guess what, Forceware is what the company calls its’ drivers, just like Catalyst is what ATI(AMD) calls its’ drivers.
New drivers here :
Uninstall the old drivers before you install the new ones.
No they won’t damage your card but remember that your monitor needs to be kept at its’ optimum settings.