Forced subs

After having read many threads on forced subs, I wonder if this be a sensible way of dealing with the issue in DVD2DVD:

Assume I want DVD subs rather than permanent subs, am only interested in English, am doing a movie only rip and don’t want to carefully watch the whole movie before ripping to discover if there are forced subs.

  1. Always click Rip subs

  2. After clicking Go, wait until the Sub Color and Selecion window starts.

  3. If there is only one English subtitle stream, select it and click forced subs. Set it on by default (using dvdshrink or pgcedit or whatever).

  4. If there is more than one English subtitle stream, one of the streams may be only forced subs, rather than a mix of regular and forced (it may also be a commentary stream). The program shows you some text. Click Show Next a few times. Figure out if the text is the different from the main sub stream and whether it seems to be from later in the movie. If so, it’s likely to be the forced sub stream. Select it, but don’t click on forced subs. Set in on by default.

Is there a simpler method? Is there any downside to this, other than it may waste some time?