Forced captions

I have backed up the starwars trilogy and selected the force captions. When I play the original the subtitles come on when the aliens speak in their language. when I play the backup I have to select the subtitle or enable subtitles on my dvd player. I am using cloneDVD otherwise everything is fine. Is it a bug, I even tried on a re-writable with all english subtitles as well, still same problem.

Funny you should say that, I found exactly the same with Episode I and II when I backed them up with an earlier version of CloneDVD [ I think]. I always leave all English sub-titles on as they take up so little space they make no noticeable difference to the quality of the transcoding.

You should search the forum before asking!

If you use anydvd and you have checked to remove ‘User prohibited Operations’, it also removes the forced captions.

No, it shouldn’t… it does remove “captions, which are forced upon you by the media industry”, e.g. German captions, if you dare to select the original soundtrack… (so the British people don’t get fun, if they buy DVDs at… oh, this is so stupid)
The problem here must be something else.

@steved & Orinoco:
Did you copy with or without menu? I’ll try to reproduce this.

hi olli

I included the menu. Like I said the backup works fine if i enable subtitles in my dvd players setup, with it on or off the original is fine, on my pc using windvd6 the backup is fine, maybe it is related to my dvd player.


this has happened to me every time I tried anydvd/cloneDVD. If I check ‘UPO’, the captions are not showed (8 mile, pearl harbour, LOTR…) this happens in my standalone player. I can choose the captions (the forced ones) and everything ok.

If I remove the check the captions are set correctly, they are displayed by default. FYI, dvdshrink show them as forced caption.