ForceAspi Drivers & Win2K Question

I installed the forceaspi drivers today and started to have problems with my system. I’m using win2k sp3. The first problem is a message that comes up when I first turn on the pc. This is the message. " Program error. SVCHOST.EXE has generated errors and will be closed by windows. you will need to restart the program. An error log is beign created." Does anyone know what this message means or what cause it to appear? I click OK and I go to my desktop and select programs but, then the system locksup or reboots itself. can anyone help? Thanks in advance.

Why did you install ForceASPI?

try to remove the ASPI if you don’t need it and if it doesn’t help check out the log svchost.exe created

The win2k sp3 cooperates well only with the ASPI 4.60 …
The Win2k does not need the ASPI to operate .

And if we talk about Intel based system , then the latest INTEL inf and the IAA ver 2.2 , is the software that it will make the system speedy and rock stable , plus compatible with any burning software …

Well, I installed the drivers because it was suggested by a person in one of these forums. I don’t know where the svcgost.exe writes the report to. Thank you all for your help. keep thinking, who knows, the next person has the answer to this problem.

working with win2k sp3 to
never installed any aspi layer, and all burning aps are working perfectly. (exept for blindread/write, since i installed an NT based windows blindread/write sucks, it doesn’t work at all)

so i dont see any reasons why you should instal an aspi layer.
and if you want to instal an aspi layer use 4.60 build 1020, it woks verry good with win2k sp3.
imho never use forceaspi

first off, i am using windows 2000 sp 3 build 2195, and i have installed ASPI 4.60 using Force ASPI (because ClonyXXL would not work correctly without it)

all burning aps are working perfectly. (exept for blindread/write, since i installed an NT based windows blindread/write sucks, it doesn’t work at all)

blindwrite works fine on my system… i just recently installed ASPI (2 days ago) but blindwrite has always worked for me, a long time ago (almost a year ago) CloneCD wouldnt work with my comptuer, but it seems to work fine now (in the last few months)

never use forceaspi

If you need aspi and it wont install correctly, then you need forceaspi… i followed the instructions and it works fine

Now for your problem, if you followed the instructions in ForceASPI you should have first ran DUMPASPI.BAT and then run INSTASPI.BAT…

if your drives worked before you did forceaspi, i would suggest running RESTASPI.BAT (it should restore your computer to the settings before you installed the new aspi)

As for the error message “Program error. X.EXE has generated errors and will be closed by windows. you will need to restart the program. An error log is beign created.” this is the generic error message for windows 2000… whenever a program does something wrong and has to be closed this message comes up… i have gotten it from tons of various programs at one time or another, this just means that there is a problem

not sure what that program is, but try restoring your previous aspi, you could even messaround with killing aspi and then reinstalling it, but i have no idea if that would work without problems, so if you do want to do that it is at your own risk, if everythign with aspi doesnt change the message im guessing it is something else that happened on your computer maybe as a result of aspi or maybe totally different

i hope this helps

I will run restaspi.bat, see if that helps. Thank you for your help.

I have a number of programs installed that require an ASPI layer.
ForceASPI 4.60 hasn’t let me down yet! Adaptec 4.71 worked for some proggies, but not all.

Get ForceASPI at:

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Anyway, I thought that “SVCHOST.EXE” had something to do with internet connections. eg: “Generic Host Process for Win32 Services”. NOT ASPI layer.

All I know is that “SVCHOST.EXE” started showing up after I installed the (forceaspi drivers 4.60) I have uninstalled the drivers as of yesterday and I still get lockups occationally. These drivers really messed up my once very stable system.


I’m sorry to hear that forceaspi didn’t work for you. I’ve had trouble with programs not finding my CDrom drives because of an aspi layer problem. When I discovered forceaspi, it fixed EVERYTHING !! I guess thats why I’m a bit over-excited about them, but I also have to realise that it obviously doesn’t work for everybody… like everything.

If you download from the above link in my other post, there are two other files called “DUMPASPI” and “KILLASPI”. Although I haven’t tried them, they might be able to uninstall or undo the forceaspi that you installed. Then just install the Adaptec ones - 4.7x or something. Hope this helps.

Flores your problem does not have to do with the ASPI drivers , your stable system can become unstable for 1000 other reasons , but not from the litle Force-Aspi file , that what it does is one simple file copying … Specialy the 4.60 version is tested and operate fine for the last 4 years ( (1998)

The ASPI is not a native windows application , windows haves NOTHING to do with it …

I am ready to help you with your problems , but give as more specific info about them …

ASPI 4.60 are good.

I have had no probs with them in 98, 98se, ME, 2000 & XP Pro.

Don’t know about 95 & XP Home though.