Force Stop/Cancelling Burning Process (Can It wreck my disc burner?)

Recently, i got this DVD R+ DL write problem where it fail to initialise the write process and i got an error message like “power callibration area is full”. Software that i often use are Imgburn and Nero Burning Rom.
Nero Burning Rom have some mechanism that automatically eject disc when it failed in write process but i think Imgburn doesn’t have such kind of feature because even when i click button to abort the write process, the Imgburn program seems like not responding, because of that i force terminate the program and then reset the OS.

My question :
Does my act very harmfull toward that disc burner?
How long it takes a software like imgburner to abort the write process, cause in my experience even in more than 3 hours the program still didn’t abort the write process like the program itself is hanging ?

Welcome to the forums batisdongkang.

Cancelling a burn should not damage the burner. I don’t know why ImgBurn is taking so long to terminate the process, but you can ask the author of that program directly by starting a thread in this subforum:
He checks in there every few days or so.

One thing to remember about burning DL +R discs is that there are very few types that are worth burning. We generally recommend discs that use the MKM 001 or MKM 003 mid codes, and are normally sold under the Verbatim brand.

The only others I’d recommend are made by FTI Falcon using the same 2P process as the Verbatim discs. Here is an example: I don’t know if they are available in your area.