Force Nero to Override Detected Media Speed?



Hey everyone-

Subject says it all: Can I force Nero to burn at any speed (e.g., a 1x disc at 2x or 4x)?

I recently got the Pioneer DVR-107D. Prior to that I’ve been using the Pioneer DVR-105. With my prior drive I used PrimoDVD to burn, which let me burn at the max speed of the drive regardless of the media. I burned hundreds of 1x Princo discs at 4x with neary a coaster. All verified ok and continue to work well. Granted, there is added confidence in buying true 4x media, but I’ve still got a ton of 1x media and would like to be able to use it up at full speed. Unfortunately, PrimoDVD was discontinued long ago and doesn’t support my new drive. I got Nero 6, but it won’t let me choose the speed I want to burn at. On their website they say it’s because they work with media manufacturers closely to ensure quality burns by forcing you to burn only at the media speed detected. Seems that there should be a way around this to allow people to take the risk if they want.



As was posted in your other thread, no. The speed is set by the drive, not by the software.


The drive can certainly report the media code and let the software know what speed the media is. I understand that. However, unless there was a major change with the DVR-107D over the DVR-105, the drive will write at whatever speed it’s told, regardless of the media’s parameters. As I mentioned in my first email, I burned hundreds of 1x media at 4x with PrimoDVD. If what you are saying was true, then this would not be possible. Obviously that is not the case. I’m highly skeptical that Pioneer would implement a control to force the use of media only at the speed designated by the media. Without this major change, this is purely a software issue.

In support of this, please review this FAQ answer at Nero discussing this subject. Nero is acknowledging that the hardware will allow you to write at any supported speed, but Nero will not.

Thus, the question remains, how do I override Nero’s media speed detection and let me write at any speed the burner supports.


the drive will write at whatever speed it’s told, regardless of the media’s parameters

You are mistaken. The article quoted is for CDR’s, not DVD.


I did a couple of tests. First, I loaded the Princo 1x DVD-R media into my Pioneer DVR-107D. Nero would show that it would only do 1x:

I reinstalled my DVR-105 and put the same blank disc in that drive and Nero showed that it would burn at 2x:

I then went back to my PrimoDVD software with the DVR-105 and burned 4.4GB worth of files to the Princo 1x media with the DVR-105. PrimoDVD auto-chose 4x as the write speed, the max of the drive, but the 29 minute estimation showed is closer to 2x, than 4x:

The burn of 4.4GB of data on this Princo 1x media took about 27 minutes including finalizing the disc. This is a bit faster than 2x, but definitely not 4x. With this amount of data, it’s roughly 2.4x speed. 2x would have been about 5-6 mins longer with finalization. The disc finished successfully and verified successfully at this speed.

Based on this experience, it seems that there is some inconsistency. If a drive would only write at the media’s speed (in this case 1x), it would not be possible for the DVR-105 to write 4.4GB at over 2x in 27 mins, so the notion that a drive will only write at the media’s speed is clearly wrong. Why the DVR-105 would write the same Princo 1x media at 2x and the DVR-107 only at 1x is not clear.

It’s unclear whether the DVR-105 will allow in firmware writes at 2x for 1x media or if the DVR-105 tried to write at 4x, but the 2.4x speed experienced could be due to errors from using a lower quality media. However, I am inclined to think that there is a firmware factor in here somewhere even if firmware will allow you to write at speeds other than the media’s speed.

All of this still begs the same question: Is there a way to override media speed detection? I’ve shown that just like CD’s it’s possible to write a DVD at a speed higher than the media’s speed successfully. If I’m willing to risk a few coasters, why shouldn’t I have that option? The question is how to enable that option. Again, my tests were inconclusive as to whether this is a firmware or software issue, though I’m inclined to think that firmware in the DVR-107 is more stringent than the 105’s. If that is the case, then the next stop is to look for a firmware hack.


The drive determines the burn speed. The differences between drives are that some will alow any speed that is in the discs’s code, while other drives use the firmware codes to set speed for the specific disc. A good example is the LiteOn burners. With early FW versions, they limited burn speed based on the codes in the FW, but with later FW they allow any speed that is set in the disc code. The exception is 1x, the LiteOn’s do not allow 1x except with early FW.

So the only question is whether the drive will allow all speeds contained in the media code, or impose it’s own speeds, and it varies from drive to drive and FW to FW. But it is the drive, not the software that does this. Some software will ignore what the drive is telling it, but the drive will still burn at it’s own speed.

with CDR, you can turn off SmartBurn in Nero, and this will allow you to burn at any speed that the drive supports.


What you are saying sounds like it could be consistent with my experience, though insanely frustrating - the consumer should always have the option to disable a limitation like that.

The two options for consumers seem to be either research what speeds are allowed by various firmware and various drives before you purchase and hope you get the right FW (not impossible, but not easy), or if you’ve already bought a drive, look around for a hacked firmware that will allow other speeds. A good locale for firmwares is the Firmware Page . Though it mostly focuses on removing region code limitations, many of the firmware hacks seem to address the media code limitation. Nothing yet for the DVR-107, but it’s fairly new. Since neither of those apply, I’ll stick to using my DVR-105 until I use up all my 1x media or a hacked firmware comes out. Argh :a


Well, it IS 1x media. :wink:


I have to agree with AmazingRando here. I’ve used Pinnacle software to burn Maxell DVD+R media at 1x because Nero forces me to 2.4x or 4x FOR THE EXACT SAME MEDIA, SAME DRIVE. And time wise, yes, there was a major difference - compatibility too!