Force Media Player Classic over WM10

Here is the question:

I format my PC, and did install the SP2 ( normally i don`t do it ).

Then i install my favorite pack - Klite Codeck Pack.

Now the problem.

  • Every time i try open a AVI, i clicl right side mouse, choose program - Media player Classic.

Until here fine.

But every time i press a avi file, again, the XP imposes me the F*** WM10.

Is any option on registry?

Can i “force” definily the Media Player classic over WMP10?

I could uninstall that crap, but soon or later, i could have problems… :cop:

I apreciate your feedback, because i love MP Classic :flower:


Hi :slight_smile:

I read many times that codec packs are the evil. Anyway, try to open windows explorer and select menu Tool --> Folder Options

Then select the tab File Types. Select the file type you want and press the button “change”. Select the software you want and this should solve

Hi [B]geno888[/B]


Sorry didn`t work.

The WM10 still imposes itself. I had change about 20 files extensions…

I will try more aproches. :sad:

I don’t know if this can work, but I have two other suggestions.

Try to uninstall MP classic and reinstall it; maybe in this way the new install will force file associations. It worked for me with winamp (the reinstall corrected all file associations), I hope that can work also with MP classic.

The second one is a try to uninstall MP10.

Go to control panel and select “Add or Remove Programs”. From here click on the “Add/Remove Windows Components” button. After it finish to load all installed components list, browse to find if you see mediaplayer 10 somewhere.

Beware: there are TWO media player installed in windows: the old version 6 (a standard of all windows versions), and the 10 version. I don’t know if the version present in windows components is the 6 or the 10.

Try to uninstall it and see if this solve.

Hope this can help

right click an .avi file select “open with>choose program” then select media player classic from the list (or browse to it if its not in the list) and tick the box that says “always use the selected program to open files of this type” then press ok. you dont need to uninstall or reinstall anything.


I have already find the solution:

I went propeties of WM10, and unselected all files.

Them , right click - open with - MP classic :stuck_out_tongue:

[B]slayerking[/B] and [B]geno888[/B]:

Thank you very MUCH! :clap: :flower: :flower: :bow:

MP Classic rulez :bigsmile: