Force Flashing LG GSA 4166B


How can I force flash a LG GSA-4166B to a HP 840b. I have already downloaded the HP firmware but it keep telling me that there is a model mismatch. Please advise as the HP 840b is suppose to be the same drive. Thank you. :bow:

You cannot (yet).

Would you know when would it be possible? Secondly, where can I download the older firmware for the GSA-4166B and how to I downgrade the firmware? Please advise. Thank you.

You only can try to downgrade with the LG package, some of their flashers force flash without asking…
What firmware do you mean exactly?

If such a crossflash would be possible, you’d see the info appear in the LG or HP affiliated forums.

Thanks for the advise. I have successfully flashed my LG GSA-4166B to become a HP840b. I have downloaded the LG firmware 1.01 flash from I managed to use the flashing tool that came with the 1.01 firmware to flash the HP840b firmware onto my LG GSA-4166B drive. Works fine as a HP 840B now. Thanks.

Hi there,

I have a GSA-4166b drive and I just flashed it to this from being a GWA version and now it doesn’t write. It errors every time.

How did you get past the model mismatch problem? I am trying to get mine back to the GWA and flash it… but I can’t get past the model mismatch issue.

Also, would you recommend me trying to further bury myself in this stuff by doing what you did and flashing it to be the HP model you did?


I got it!

Ok, guys… for anyone else out there who needs this help. Using the flash engine from GSA’s firmware version 1.00 from here you can point to the .bin file for the GWA flash. Once you do that, it WILL then flash your drive back to the GWA version.

Now, lets see if it actually helped me…