Force boot from CD



I have a spin to put on the same question…I have a system thats not that old, nor is it that new. I can boot from CD; BUT, I have a USB keyboard and the BIOS only recognizes PS/2 keyboards to hit any key toboot from CD. I can hit keys when it boots up initially to get into the BIOS, or after windows loads only.

So basically my question is:

How do I have the PC automatically boot from CD and NOT prompt me to hit a key to boot from CD?
(Force it to run the CD automatically)

Any help is reatly apreciated and THANK YOU in advanced!:slight_smile:



normally, there is a Bios setting “USB Legacy” or similar, that allows to use a USB keyboard. This setting must be enabled. If you can’t access the Bios setup, then borrow a PS2 keyboard from a friend in order to change the settings.

Prompts like “press a key to boot from this CD” are just a matter of that particular disc.


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