Force aspi 1.7

what version are the win98se ASPI layers in force ASPI 1.7, and has anyone wver had problems with 'em [i have had problems with v4.60 in the download at ] which are called v4.70 but they’re really 4.60]

4.60(1021). I think 4.70 in Win XP only changes 2 files to 4.70 and leaves 2 at 4.60. I am using 4.60(1021) in Win XP Home without any problem.


i meant that on the site it says aspi for win 98 v4.70
but in fact it is 4.60 according to aspicheck etc. :slight_smile:

any more confirmations would be nice

Sorry, I should have been clearer - ForceAspi 1.7 is 4.60 build 1021. From previous posts in another forum users reported that installing 4.70 in Win98 left them with 4.60, as I recall.

Using Win XP 4.70 installs 2 files with that designation and leaves 2 at 4.60.