Force a program to burn a Dvd-r DL at 2.4 speed



I’ve got some disc that i want to burn at 2.4 speed , they are rated 2.4-8x speed , but in the program i only get the option to burn at x4, x6 or x8 , can i force Alcohol to burn these discs at 2.4x ??
I got a Plexter px-755a , and a Liteon IHAS524 dvd burners , both show only the 4x,6x ond 8x …

I was going to post this on the plexter bit aswell but i thought this wouldn’t be allowed


Burning speeds are set in firmware, and are not decided by the burning software.

The only way to burn at 2.4x is modify firmware. You can try to do this with MCSE :slight_smile:


Many thanks for this, I’ll try it


In theory a strategy swap [I]may [/I]work, but the results might be bad.

In addition to that, 2.4x is a speed that can only be used to burn to DVD+R. The DVD-R standard however does not allow 2.4x speed, but only 2.0x. I highly doubt it is different for the DL media.*

Just out of curiosity, why are you interested in burning DVD-R DL with such a low speed? Lower speeds do not always equal improved burn quality.

  • For the smart…es: Yes, BenQ burners did allow 2.4x burning to DVD-R (dash) media, violating the specifications, but the results were usually less than desirable.