Force 8x recording on 811s?

Is there any way I can force the 811s to record at 8x regardless of media type? I have some crappy Optodisc +R which burn as coasters at 2.4x and 4x, and since they’re worthless anyway thought I would try them at 8x. Turning SmartBurn on/off makes no difference - Nero won’t let me choose anything higher than 4x.

In the Media Forum I saw that jitter was burning Optodiscs at 8x on a 401@811 (v6 HS0P) with very good results. Any chance of getting a “real” 811 to burn these media at 8x with similar results??


Let me get this straight - you are burning coasters on crap media at 2.4x and 4.0x, but you stll want to force burn it at 8x ? It’s very likely that at 8x it will also be a coaster.

Use good media and don’t waste your time with crap media.

decent quality 8x media are not that expensive anyways, so there is no excuse to use what I consider tossing frisbees material :smiley:

Since I see that others are getter better results at 8x with these media, I think its worth a try. In any case it’s better than simply tossing these in the bin, don’t you think?

FYI: the media I bought are branded Intenso, which previously have been good-quality MCC which burned perfectly at 8x, but the latest batch are OptoDisc. No way to tell from the packaging :frowning: