Force 1x speed MD 16XDVD9

I am trying to burn a xbox dvd backup game. People from the xbox forums said i will get better results if i burn an xbox game on 1x or 2x(tops) write speed. They were right, i tried burning an xbox game using nero under 4x(my minimum) write speed and the game keeps freezing. I think because my dvd-rs has lowest write speed set to 4x that’s why NERO can only go 4x lowest if my dvd-r is on the drive. Ive looked around this forums and i found out about omnipatcher, which change the booktype settings and dvd write speed to lowest (1x)… however that only works with liteon and sony drives. I also went to, the mad dog official site. That’s where i got my newest firmware and the software that changes booktype permanently. However they still don’t have the write speed changer. Is there a way for me to force my MAD DOG MD 16XDVD9 Firmware: 2.FD to change the write speed to the lowest. preferabbly 1x… 2x is fine too. Thanks.

Sounds like you need to get some better discs. With quality media, there is no reason to burn lower than 8x.

i know i need to get better disc… but ill do that next time… i wanna use my 50pack dvd-r tho… ive wasted alot already. I just wanted to find out if theres a way for my drive to force lower write speed. If other drives can do this… why can’t my drive do it too… :frowning:

Your drive does not support burning at 1x and this probably wouldn’t result in better burns anyway. If you feed your burner with crappy disc, you cannot expect good burns.

how about 2x then?

You’ve mentioned booktyping several times. This isn’t relevant for -R media only +R.

Your only hope is to dump the disks you’ve got , at least for XBox backups , & get some decent media like Verbatim.

Several years ago I backed up some XBox games using crap +R media & they played fine on my modded XBox. Didn’t know about good/bad media then.

i meant to say +R on every -R i mentioned :smiley: sorry. Yes i am using DVD+Rs. that’s y i need to change the booktype settings. I dont think my DVD+R is that crappy… its called “Nexxtech” i got it on sale for $9.99 @ circuit city its usuall price is $29.99.

Agree with everyone else - you should have no problems as long as you stick to media like Verbatim.

If I were you, I’d buy some Verbs for your Xbox backups, and use the Nexxtech media for other less important things.

so there is ZERO way to force my burner to write n 1x or 2x???

Lowest speed for DVD+R is 2.4x - sorry

If you buy -R in future there’ll be no need for booktyping. I believe that later XBOXs could handle +R without booktyping anyway.