For you speed demons who burn at 12X or higher

For those who burn 12x and higher…i was wondering how often you guys get coasters. Everytime I try a 12x burn w/ my TYs or higher…im almost certain to get a coaster. Also…what drive are you using and firmware.

It depends on your hardware too.

  1. For starters run Nero CD-DVD Speed test for reading and check the curve, CPU Usage and burst rate, might not be enough to sustain 12X.

  2. If you can waste a blank, run same program to create test disc, and see the ressulting curve.

  3. When you burn, leave the computer alone, or do only light work on it.

  4. Defrag your hard drive.

  5. Try burning ISO and not on-the-fly compilations.

Hey guys there is no big difference on 12x or 8x burning.I could wait about 2 minutes more to burn a perfect dvd. There will be faster burners and higher speed dvds in the future. The important thing is the just a perfect burn.

I don’t think we’ll be seeing anything faster than 16x.

I’ve done lots of 12x burns on my Pioneer 108, using Verbatim 8x +R, and Fuji (TY) 8x +R and -R. They always come out just fine. I don’t recall any coasters that were not my own fault.

By the way, I’ve tried 16x on TY 8x +R, but the 12x to 16x shift never happens. It’s the same as burning at 12x and they come out fine. I’d just kind of like to see that 16x actually kick in sometime.

Anyway, 12x + Pioneer 108 + good media = no coasters. :slight_smile:

I have been burning Verbatim Dvd+R’s at 16x with very good results. Quality scores are always about 99.15 to
99.30. Sometimes I’ll burn other branded media at 8x to be safe, I seem to get better scores at 8x depending on the media brand. I have yet to overspeed write a blank at 18x or 20x, but one of these days I will.

Liteon iHAP422/VL18 Firmware

Holy thread resurrection, Batman!

[QUOTE=Two Degrees;864538]I don’t think we’ll be seeing anything faster than 16x.[/QUOTE] I believe what you meant to say back in February 2005 is: I don’t think anything faster than 16x will work properly! :stuck_out_tongue:

[QUOTE=Two Degrees;2465745]Holy thread resurrection, Batman![/QUOTE]

Hehehe :bigsmile:

I can get a great burn on TYG03 at 18x on my Optiarc AD-5170S, and my Sammy SH-S182D does quite a bit of 16x media well at 18x, but 8x-12x is my usual burn speed, whatever the media. :stuck_out_tongue:

You know, I’m actually amazed at how well my Samsung SH-S182D@TS-H652D burns at 16x or 18x. It’s so sad how Samsung has gone down the drain.