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Ugly’ Cat Is Big Star At NH Vet Clinic

The cat’s full name is Ugly Bat Boy. He’s bald in most places except for flowing fur on his chest, and he spends his days on a warm computer at Exeter Veterinary Hospital, reported WMUR-TV in Manchester, N.H. Bat Boy has become something of a local star.

Perhaps this is the one Phoebe used to sing about? :eek:

That cat looks kinda pissed off!


just think having to look at that every morning when you get up

Awwww bless him :D…he looks like a cross between a kitty and a sheep who’s let himself go a bit :wink:

“He spends his days on a warm computer” - yeah, that’s my kinda cat! :iagree:

I thought you might like it.

Saw this pic elsewhere too. Is that natural or did they shave her or him?

That is the way he came into this world

Hope they don’t let the government get a hold of him; Super Kitty.

[QUOTE=samlar;2229678]I thought you might like it.[/QUOTE]

Very much :slight_smile:

@ranspo - welcome to the forum :wink: