For who need free tech support, or like to help



I just posted the article For who need free tech support, or like to help.

The last days we get a lot of mails, besides the SirCam virus mails, that get deleted immediately of course, we get a lot of questions.

Of course we would be able to answer them, but if you…

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The forum rulez! :4


What is the forum? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, so true. The forum rocks big time (in fact, I visit the forum several times each day, but check this main site every other day or so :wink: ) You should see the knowledge that is gathered at the forum, so many questions that already have been answered in the past, if you use the search function available you might even find the answer to your problem without even having to ask for it (definately more knowledge there than on this part of CD Freaks, and this part is great already) Feel like a teacher or a finger-pointing parent saying this, but please read our tips & guidelines before you start posting questions, itm ight help you find your answer sooner and keep the forum an enjoyable place for everyone. The forum rocks on…forever!