For What it's Worth. 9 Media/4 Drives. Ranked

Only for those of you who consider scans meaningful:

Here is a summary of a ranking system I use to determine which media I should use in each drive when I sit down to burn. This is a work in progress. All burns are already very good based on the general Kprobe guidelines. All burns are playable. Rarely does any burn have high PIFs or PIEs.

This is to discriminate between burns that are already very good. The break points for the ranking are based on what seem to be natural occurances. This has been very helpful to me to determine when there is a meaningful difference between burns that are already very good. The PIF and PIE numbers are totals

Use it or disreguard it.

Good information! Thanks for posting.
One suggestion: post the MID & TID so that we know exactly what media type you are referring to.

nice thread chas.

could i also add a suggestion, instaed of having A,AA,AAA ect could you do a number score so that you could have a total, then you could see an overall winner as well as the individual scores.

wes whats TID stand for?


Good point. I noticed my listing for the media is abbreviated. BTW the MCC 02 is the -R MCC 02RG20 the G05 is Ritek and the R03 is Ridata thr G01 and G02 are TY and the S03 is Prodisc.

Type Identifier
For example: RICOHJPN R03
Manufacturer ID = RICOHJPN
Type ID = R03

thanks wes :wink:

Latest Changes:

Latest Changes:

New firmware for the Pio has apparently helped with burn quality…

Still no AAA/+++? :bigsmile:

Yah, I may have been too optomistic when I established the original standards.

It’s doable though…

Here are my three (out of about 20 so far) best BenQ (B7V9) scans of MCC004 printables at 12x. Believe it or not, these were burned using RecordNow 7.3. I have others that are very close…none of them burned with Nero. The RecordNow burns usually don’t miss AAA+++ by much.

Chas, this is why I don’t care too much at how bad my BenQ/TYG02 scans look…don’t want to screw with near perfection.

Scans in different drives vary too much.

Yeah, Kenshin, I know…

But I bet Chas will hit the AAA+++. Besides TYG02 burned in the BenQ, his Liteon scans are very similar to mine. Although my 451S is a little more forgiving than my 1693S.

Rats, I’ve only got one of the burns on the BenQ…the first one. Those dvd’s are now getting kid tested in endusers homes (sold).

Look Kenshin, this disk also qualifies for AAA+++ on my BenQ, which happens to be in another computer, running another op system…

If I remember right, I scanned that disk in the BenQ as a “check” to the Liteon. I thought that the burn looked “too good”, and wanted to see how the BenQ would report it.

There…double doable.

Wish I had scanned the other two in my BenQ now :doh:. I needed to push out a fairly large order for my wife, who is a tough boss, and doesn’t pay well. She does buy me my burning toys (media & drives), so I shouldn’t complain too much. :bigsmile:

Very nice results on MCC004… I never ever got such good results from MCC004… only MCC003.

Hawseman, The point of this exercise was to determine which discs would burn best on my drives so your scores for your discs burned on your drives are absolutely valid. They should be very meaningful in determining which of your media burn best on your drives.

I am glad to see you are having such luck with MCC 004 as I have always been apprehensive of 16X media’s ability to burn to my standards. When I finally run out of my 8X it will be worth looking into.

I don’t think I will hit AAA+++ but then, other than pride, I am only looking for rank order of media. Even if my scoring system resulted in no disc ever hitting an A, I can still determine the rank.

BTW, nice scan. Your 451 is way to generous, but it still is beautiful.

The work on your chart is much appreciated, chas…

Those are printable MCC004’s (#94917) burned at 12x with RecordNow. Any other way has “best” AA++. At 16x, my LG burns them better than the BenQ (A+ to AA++). I haven’t burned any in my 3500 yet…as I’m running 2.19 f/w and wanted them bitset for this batch. The 3500 was too busy spitting out picture perfect TYG02 burns…

Agree, my 451 is a little generous, but fairly accurate. I’ll miss her when she’s gone. It definetly doesn’t like TYG02 burned in my BenQ (PIE 60-80 average) as I’ve shown on another post.

I also agree with your rank strategy. QS is inconsistent between drives, and shouldn’t be analyzed to a fine degree. I do believe a similar chart with your BenQ scans (if you got a working one now), will help further your quest for the best media/burner combo in “your” system. It’s definetly helped me to “fine tune” my burns.

I do have a working BenQ, for the time being, but I won’t be doing any scans on it. I did some camparisons between that drive and my Liteons and found no significant differences. As I want to be able to keep as many variables constant for comparisons, I will keep scanning on the 832. Besides, ECC at 1 is better than at 8, even if it means I can’t get AAA+++. :wink:

Oops…one other thing I wanted to say…

Those are my “best” burns ever…and I’ve been doing this for a few years now. Chas’s chart is more of a realistic representation, IMHO.

These are just “trophy” burns from tuning and tweaking.