For those with 6500a and/or 6750 drives

i recently posted a request for help with thse drives in tecra 8200 and 9000 laptops. it seems these machines generate an ide #1 error message at boot up and so the drives can only be installed after windows starts and then to add insult to injury they are recognised on the secondary ide channel (correct) BUT as a slave drive running PIO mode only rather than what these tecra demand which is secondary master which will run in ultra dma by default.

after buying a soldering iron and large magnifying glass (gee whiz those #45 and #47 contact pins are small) and applying a the tiniest drop of solder between the 2 pins (see picture below) the drives now boot and install as secondary master with ulra dma on as a default setting.


the upside of all this effort is the burning of dvd’s. they now burn almost 50% faster than before. a full 4.4gb dvd will now burn in a tecra 8200 1ghz and a tecra 9000 1.13ghz each with 512mb memory in around 22-25 minutes versus 40-44 mintues when it ran in pio only.

much much less cpu huffing and puffing as well.

the picture below is shown with the dust cover removed. i found it much easier to remove the 3 screws holding the board in place in the dvd drive and carefully unclip the cable. remove the board making it much easier to solder.