For those who live close to Santa Clara, Ca

Surplus Computers has 5 packs of Plextor 8x +Rs (TY) in slim jewel cases for $1.25 each. There is no limit and these were selling out quick.

Wow!! $0.25 / disc AND jewel case … fantastic deal. The Plextor TY’s posted in the Benq 1620 media thread have been awesome. Too bad I live in Seattle. :frowning:


Roadtrip - Santa Clara only about 40 miles away-

Thanks for the heads up-



You might want to call first and make sure they have some left. (Retail Store Phone: 408-327-0420 Ext.103) They couldn’t restock the shelf fast enough. One of the guys that worked there said that they might not last till Wednesday. website

this is the best deal so far for TY, I haven’t seen any better deal than this one on cdfreaks bargain basement

No doubt!! Plus, you get some free jewel cases thrown into the deal. $25 cents a piece for TY media and jewel case. I’d jump on those if I weren’t about 1200 miles away. :frowning:

This deal was pretty good.

Still in stock.

I bought 30 of the 5 packs today. I think there maybe another 30 5 packs left. They burn great. Although spec’d at 8X or 12X for a Plextor., I got consistent 16X burns over 50 burns. What a deal at 25 Cents each

Man… if I was in Santa Clara i’d buy as many as they’d let me!

The best I can find on the net for those Plextor discs is about $4.00. I wish I was in Santa Clara right now :frowning:

Guys and girls, they are still there, as of Saturday the 27th of Aug. 4:30 pm, I left, re-parked and went back in again, getting a total of 50 5-packs for 1.25 each.

But I only say this to point out that there are another 75 on the shelf, and I am sure :iagree: there are more in the back. There is a big parking lot sale this weekend, but these are inside, waiting for a person like us to buy them. So many people did not even notice what they were, they were looking at no-name crap media…go get 'em…