For those thinking of buying an NEC ND-3550A

Here are some scans of various discs burned with my NEC ND-3550A.

Fuji MIJ @ 8x

Sony MIJ @ 8x

Philips @ 8x

Memorex @ 8x

Thanks, very nice. :clap:

So those are good right?

Not bad at all … but why so many PIF spikes …Probably an immature firmware. It looks so promissing that this drive might become My first ever Nec drive :wink:

Yes those are good but most newer drives have no problem burning @8x.
Some 12x and 16x burns would be great.
Thanks for the scans btw.

I was wondering that too. The TY media actually burns with less PIF spikes on my Lite-on burner than they do on the NEC, but the Lite-on hates the PRODISC.

Fuji MIJ @ 12x

Memorex @ 12x

Fuji MIJ @ 16x