For those of you who purchased from best buy look in

Great news for us HD-DVD owners who purchased from Best Buy. We are automatically being given $50 gift cards if you purchased your player prior to February 23rd.

The article from NYtimes refers to both Circuit City & Best Buy for either credit or take back of these HD players, but none of these retailers has any indication about this. When call made to both Best Buy & Circuit City managements to verify this the response was there is no such policy is being made…

[QUOTE=TCAS;2022610]none of these retailers has any indication about this…[/QUOTE]

Don’t know about Circuit City though.

Yup, the official announcement was made today.

I wonder if I can use the $50 to pick up some HD-DVD movies? :bigsmile:

I am sure they (BB) would be happy if you do that.


Also available at Canadian Bestbuy’s now. Link.

Just spotted a Harmony 880remote on sale for $119.00 - $50 = $69.00.:cool:

I love how they showcase the most problematic brand of Blu-Ray drives. Maybe they are trying to get rid of the Sammys as well. :wink:

Just got my $50 gift card in the mail a couple of days ago. Now to think of what to purchase. :smiley: