For those of you who live on their own:

(Just wondering)

For those of you who live on their own:

Do your parents have the keys to your house and do you still have their keys? Can they visit you at any given time and vice versa?

Your thoughts on this subject please… :slight_smile:

No Fuckin Way!!!

Keys to my house? I don’t think so. :cop: Visit at anytime - of course - so long as they intend to watch the kids :slight_smile: - sometype of warning is also desirable, but not really required (if they want to be sure that someone will actually be there!!!). My folks live 320ish miles away, so its kinda tough for them to drop by without some degree of planning.

Seriously though - a key to the house is not a bad thing for them to have, but I guess that depends on the parents. Also…I see that we are basically the same age…your parents really should be giving you privacy…and only becoming over if announced…


and do you still have their keys?


Can they visit you at any given time and vice versa?

That’s a funny story actually :slight_smile:

I always had the assumption that we would respect each others privacy, so i thought there would be no issues whatsoever about that. I will always call them before i plan a visit and they’d call me. At least, i thought they did as well.

In the past they did come up unannounced. They’d call on their mobile phone that they were driving towards me and i would have about 10 minutes to clean up the entire house. (My mom is a kinda cleaning freak).

One sunday i decided to grab a few of my favorite movies and light a few joints to have a relaxed day on the couch. All went well and stoned :slight_smile: Then the front door suddenly opened and my parents came in… They didn’t even knew i smoke, so they were kinda very surprised and angry.

(Angry and surprised mom): “I didn’t know you did drugs!”
Me (casually and still stoned): “I didn’t know you wouldn’t respect my privacy, especially in my own goddamned house.”

And that was the end of discussion. Since then they call every single time before they even plan to visit :slight_smile:

I live on my own…about an hour from my parents…
yes they have keys to my place my mom comes about twice a week and cleans my house…
as for just dropping by …they generally call before they come over…because if they don’t i might not be at home…

They don’t have a key for my place, but I still have my key for their place. Even if they would have a key, I can’t imagine that they would come over without telling me first. I also let them know when I’m coming “home” (at their place)
My girlfriend’s parents do have a key but they always call first.

Mr.B, that sounds strangely and scarily exactly the same as the experience(s) i’ve had…i mean exactly the same.

i have keys to their house (for safety, security purposes) and am free to go there even unannounced.

i think they have keys to my apt (at least they used to) and they used to show up unannounced, but call and alert me well before nowadays.

My first apartment (10 years ago) the family walked in on me and a few buddies right after we put out a blunt, and we were all tripping our nuts off on mushrooms we had taken about an hour before all this. They just assumed we were stoned from the blunt, we did’nt mention the mushrooms of course. They left pretty quickly, turns out they were bringing some house-warming gifts, and called before coming over in the future.

My mother has a set of spare keys, in case I lose them (or break one, as happened last year). She doesn’t use them, unless it is absolutely necessary (in my absence).

I have keys to both my parent’s houses. I use those when I know they are away or when I agreed to come over at a agreed time, but other than that I respect their privacy as they do mine.

I’ve got the keys to my parents house and I barge in whenever I want to… I rob their fridge when I feel like it. Borrow my dads tools and only return them when he searched for hours and finally calls me to ask where I left them. They don’t have my keys and they never come uninvited. I considered this quite normal, but given your reactions I now think it isn’t…

They must love me very much… :wink:

No, but then there’s not much point as I live 1000km from my mum.

When I was living out of home and still in Brisbane, I had a set of keys but my parents didn’t.

I have a key to my parent’s house and they have a key to mine. They never come by without calling first (actually they only come by once every two months or so). I drop by whenever I want (usually once a week).

The keys have practical use. Whenever we are away and my parents have the time, they take care our cat (feed it twice a day and give some attention). We do the same for my parent’s dog. And of course, it’s a wise thing to have a spare key at a safe place. I mean… if we’d lock out ourselves, there’s still a backup. As my parents only live about 2km from me, it’s quite easy to go there. Even by foot.

LOL, same here…!

My parents stay about 5min drive away and my mum always knows i’ve been in when they’ve been out, They have keys to my house and do pop in unannounced, as my parting days are now over, i’m not that worried about them walking in on anything.

Same here Dee-ehn, they also feed our cats when were away on holiday, I couldn’t put them into a cattery, it’s so cruel, as one of them would just freak out. :bigsmile: