For those looking to pair a BenQ 1620 with a DFI NF4 board

I recently bought this pair and when I tried installing windows, the screen would flash a bluescreen, with error: MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION, at the Windows XP splash and instantly reboot. I headed over to DFI-street and tried everything. I upgraded my BIOS, only put in 1 stick of ram in the outside orange slot, played with voltages, and ram timings. After three days of tweaking, I still had the issue. I decided to try and remove the BenQ DVD burner and all of a sudden everything was working fine. I had originally thought it was my motherboard but soon found out that it was the conflict between this burner and the SLI-DR.

So I called up DFI tech in San Jose, CA and the technician told me that this was a KNOWN issue. I tested the drive in my other computer and it works fine.

Just a warning to those looking to pair these two up.

Thanks for the information.

I’m wondering if this is an issue only with 1620 or with all BenQ drives :confused: .