For those in the New York City area

Hello all,

I am moving to San Francisco in a few weeks. Over the last 10 or so years, I have collected quite a few DVD burners.

None of them will be making the trip out west with me. For any established forum members who are interested, these drives are free if you come by to pick up. I don’t have all the model numbers written down but I know there are two Benq dw1640’s that work fine they just have sticky trays and refuse to open at times.

4 SATA drives and 7 IDEs total.

Hope they find a good home. :sad:

I have a Samsung w/ a sticky tray too… it’d be worth it if it were blu ray…
In a couple of years my main system will become my backup system. By then optical media will be almost obsolete. What I could use now (or soon) is a PCIE usb-3 card…

figured I would give this one more shot

figured I would give this one more shot[/QUOTE]

Sorry to hear your getting rid of your burners, good luck on your move
and I hope you still visit the forums.