For those experiencing problems with nero vision express 3, read this

for those experiencing problems with nero vision express 3, freezing or whatever, try and install kazaa lite codec pack, do a google search for ‘klcodec235s’ and download it & install. it resolved my problem with nero, freezing, constant not responding, etc. so maybe it’ll resolve yours too

not kazaa, hehehe, just k-lite :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t recommend installing codec packs as u end up installing alot of codecs you don’t need. maybe this method resolved the problem on your machine but may have adverse affects on someone else’s machine. Remember ONE thing when installing codecs: only install the codecs you need, having more is not better, at least not with codecs.

The reason why Nero Vision Experess 3 is freeze or erroring is because of the video codec Nero uses to decode DVD. That codec is Nero DVD Decoder and Nero Video Decoder if you can disable it from running your problems will be solved. The only media player I know of that can single out particular codecs from running is The Core Media Player. When I disable Nero DVD and Video Decoder from running the freezing and errors stop once I enable them again the freezing and error comes back.

Could you explain a little further how exactlly you are disabling the nero dvd and video decoder?

nero dvd and video decoders are directshow filters and the media player i use (TCMP) always me to ‘blacklist’ certain directshow filters from loading, but only in TCMP not the entire filter in general. in order to get a particular directshow filter from running in general you will have to use a directshow filter manager (i.e., DirectShow Filter Manager v0.3, Radlight FilterManager v1.4) These ‘managers’ allow you to unregister or disable any video codec from running or you can set their “merits” lower to allow your perferred video codecs a higher priority when loading certain media players (i.e., windows media player 9 & 10)

Thanks. I’ll check into that a little more.