For the Plexor X-716A, Should I get -r or +r

For the Plexor X-716A, Should I get TDK dvd-r or dvd+r. Id prefer to know by tomorow so please tell!

I prefer +r. Some say -r has better compatibility in standalone players, but I’ve never run into a player that can’t play both.

I would recommend getting Taiyo Yuden media. Either TY02 8x DVD+R or TYG02 DVD-R. Both burn excellent on the 716a.
Plextor 716A FW 1.04
8x DVD+R TY02 burned @ 8x

Plextor 716A FW 1.04
8x DVD-R TYG02 burned @ 8x


Both TY02 and TYG02 burn great, but according to the scans on the BenQ, the TYG02 is just a “tad” bit better. And they’re both consistant. Don’t go by the score much, but people seem to bringing it up more and more… out of 10 burns in a row, 9 scored “99” and looked almost identical to the scans above. Can’t really go wrong with either of them. If you backup console games, I’d probably go with the DVD-R media, but bitsetting +R media works also. You might try +R and -R in your dvd players and see which work well. If they both do, then flip a coin.:slight_smile: Good luck.

Please excuse the newbie question, but what are TY02 and TYG02? Thanks.

Nothing to excuse… not a problem.

By “TY02”, I’m referring to Taiyo Yuden 8x DVD+R media.
By “TYG02”, I’m referring to Taiyo Yuden 8x DVD-R media.

Those are abbreviated media id codes for that media. You’ll see people here on the forum using media id codes and abbreviated id codes when referring to certain media. See the below thread for more info. on media id codes.

“DVD Media codes explained”

If your selection is restricted to TDK, then the best way is to look for -R spindles made in Japan, because they have TYG02 media code (I’m not sure if they have any +R MIJ). You better look for other options if you only see MIT TDK spindles, I don’t think they are worth the price.

$20 for 50 discs of MIT TDK-branded media isn’t that bad of a price (Best Buy sale this week, and you can get other stores like CompUSA to price match). The -R will be TTG02 which works really well in some burners, while the +R will either be RICOHJPNR02 (pretty decent media) or CMC MAG E01 which ranges from poor to decent.

I for one wouldn’t be limiting myself to TDK. Haven’t been impressed with their stuff for a while now. @ the original post it might help if you specified which country you were in so that we could point you toward some good deals. You need to understand that TDK is just a brand name label, they don’t produce all of their discs and so you can end up with one of a number of different manufacturers with varrying quality. Anyways you really can’t go wrong with a quality DVD-R or DVD+R disc (ie Taiyo Yuden). BTW it might also help if you specified what you were planning on using the discs for (ie movie backups, data storage, videogame console backups).

Thanks. I went to BestBuy and picked up a 50-pk spindle of the TDK 8x DVD-R for $19.99.

At Best Buy your best bet is the FujiFilm DVD+R 8x media (Made in Japan) when on sale - its TY02.