For the owners of IoData DVR-ABN16A (NEC3520)

A new firmware has been released
It has the latest startegy version already available and I think it still supports bitsetting

The download link needs the serial number, so only owners of that burner can dl it

Version 1.25 Release Date 20.01.2005
CD-R 1.01g
CD-RW 1.01
DVD-R 101
DVD-RW 1.08
DVD+R 1.00g
DVD+RW 1.07
DVD+R9 1.02
DVD-R9 1.02

i dun think that is the right fw

see this page
no update for model ABN16A

Isn’t that one??

i believe even though it is labeled 1.00 that it really is v1.25.

Too bad we need a serial number though…

i was wrong…
it is indeed 1.25!

I suggest to look at this one instead…updated more frequent :stuck_out_tongue:

the change log:

it seems to say something about dvd-rw only
using babelfish to translate it sounded like this:

Concerning the problem which has the case where it cannot eliminate the DVD-RW media, correction measure.

Can somebody please send me this firmware to Thanks!

sent to u guys alredi:D

Sounds like they fixed a problem with erasing DVD-RW media to me… if you replace eliminate with erase that would certainly make sense. Have to love translations, eh? hehehe

Anybody flashed this yet?
Are we sure this supports bitsetting or are we just assuming since 1.24 did?
The way NEC’s numbering works, shouldn’t this mean there is a 1.05 out there?
Maybe we will see a LD1.25 Beta soon.

Why did you remove the 1/12/05 v1.04 from your site?

Which one was that? I don’t have a firmware overhere with that date. If you have such a firmware please send it to me. You can find the e-mail address above.

It was the one from this thread:

Thats where I first found it at least, and a few others have reported having it. I am almost certain I saw it on your site 2 or 3 days ago as the 6th version, but I do not see it any more.

Maybe I was dreaming…

EDIT: I am certain I was not dreaming because at the same time I got the file from you site too, which is no longer there. I think your site has reverted back in time…

jamesrb, the firmware (1/12/05) can now be found on my page. Thanks!

When you click on the link you get a Polish site :confused:
When paste and copy the written link it’s not there :confused:

[EDIT] Post from sevenka have been removed by moderator :bow: This user was spamming every thread with spam links!

Any idea what’s new in that version? The right strategies are the same as in version 5.

I hope you don’t mind if I remove the link from your quote. Although keeping the forum clean usually is not my job, I decided to better take action, before every thread is spammed.

I downloaded a copy of Ritek.bin but don’t know how to use it. I have a cake box of Ritek G04s rated at 16x that show a write speed of 4x, and average out at 8x at best on Nero 6.606 transfer tests. Iwas hoping the Ritek.bin might speed things up.

what are the full list media supporteb by fw v1.25 ? and how long time burn dvd+r at 8x in fw v1.25 ?