For the moderator of this forum



why not all people can have the patcher??

there are A-type people and B-type people…

people that not deserve to learn something new…



Need I say more… Some people earned it and some people… :cop:


Unfortunately, that is always going to be the case. Its not a matter of “who deserves and who doesn’t”
If a patcher can be made that is both totally safe and easy to use then perhaps this will be something that everyone can use.

There is also something else to consider in all this. NEC could take steps to stop all firmware patching, and this would do no one any good. This is something i was only made aware of myself by another cdfreaks staff member.

If everyone could have a firmware patcher this is something NEC would surely consider, after all they have there good name to consider and reputation for making quality drives at a reasonable price.

EDIT : Just to add, these are my own personal views and not necessarily the views of other staff members or cdfreaks management.


Okay, I´m not a moderator but I think I have been testing more “patchers” then most of our current moderators, during my time here on CDFreaks.
cipiu866 I can tell you honestly, none of the patchers I have been testing is so complicated and risky as the one in question.

I´m known to take risks, big risks, with my DVDRW´s and other hardware. Thanks god I haven´t fried any drive sofar, but my firmware and other recoverys in DOZE are countless… :wink:

cipiu866 and others, I can ensure you I will always take a fight for equal treatment and the principle; “information for all” on this and other boards. :slight_smile:
But regarding “patcher” I have seen, learned and I´m now aware of all risks involved so I can openly declare my opnion to you;
this patcher should not be distributed to you or any other member on this board!
Decission who is qualified to test right now must be left to the author of the patcher.

As soon as we have a safer type of patcher or equal tool, I´m sure you and all the rest will have access to this “what ever it will end into tool”.
But from what I can see right now, this will still take some time.


I do not want the patcher, because it seems to be a bit complicated.

I can understand why it’s only given to a few people.

I know when I use a patched firmware I’m out off warranty. One thing is the risk to ruin my drive with patched firmware, but I will not take the chance of destroying it, because I’m doing something wit a patcher I don’t have any knowledge about.

The chance of destroying my drive is to big. I will throw the drive out of the window blaiming myself. I will certainly not RMA it.

It’s a good choice, only to give the patcher to people, who have contributed with a lot of trial burns off their own pocket, developing the know versions off Quikee, Liggy and Dee-27.