For the guy that has everything- the Shanling Tube SACD player



I just posted the article For the guy that has everything- the Shanling Tube SACD player.

Forget about bills, forget
about new tires for the car. Forget about divorce proceedings. Promise to mow
the lawn, whatever. Just find a way to run out and add this to your home system…

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2 please…deliver them to my penthouse…Their for my dog…COS HE’S THE ONLY ONE WITH A HEARING RANGE LARGE ENOUGH TO APPRECIATE IT…ya dipshits…Er…does it play copied CDs??..:X


you mean backuped (for personal use) right? :slight_smile:


you mean backuped (for personal use) right? :slight_smile:


You said it Sherrif! Sorry but my hearing only goes up to 22Mhz (22050Hz to be exact)! Any more than that then I’m “deaf”! :B


it probably sounds no better than a 12 quid alba bought from the argos


Sorry it looks like shit and will find no place in my home, Minging piece of crap.


Another one of those anal retentive audiophile got-to-have toys. For the asking price, it should pop my popcorn, pour me a drink and have sex with me. Jeez.:d


Can it play mp3’s? Just by a regular 200 hundred one and invest the rest. This way you can retire w/style.


Ooh shit yes…I meant backup (freudian slip there HeHe)…BTW does anybody want to buy a TV that generates colours outside the known spectrum…er no good for the dog though…:X


I bet they built this 3700 dollar piece of equipment and didn’t add HDCD support. Of course, HDCD capable CD’s will play in regular CD players, but only at 16 bit.
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