For the cost of Ritek whats the alternative?

I have cheerfully been using Ritek DVD-R media for the last 3 years untill recently, I got about 30 coasters from a batch of 100 discs and most being burnt at the slowest 4xSpeed!

I have looked at the Poll Results for “What is the best DVD media” and it seems Ritek is still highly rated when comparing to cost effective options and Im left confused as to what media to choose for my Pioneer DVR-108.

A few years back Pioneer had reccomeded (as far as I remeber) Ritek, CMC and a few other well known brands.

Can someon please reccomend a cost effctive quality option that will do the job with a low error rating and that will work with PioneerDVR-108.
is CMC ok for Pioneer?

The answer to this question will hinge on where you are in the world. In the US, Taiyo Yuden is almost the same price as Ritek at this time. is a great place to get it from. In a lot of other countries this is not the case.
A lot of people like Verbatim, but I’ll never use another due to their unreliability and broad outsourcing to different manufacturers. Sony 08D1 is also excellent IMHO, most people get good results with this media. Every other brand seems to have as many haters as fans. Read as many threads on this forum as you have time. You’ll get a better perspective of what will work best with your hardware.


Check this thread out, these are great discs for the price, especially if you order a couple of spindles to make up for shipping costs. If you are wanting faster than 4x speeds, I don’t know how the Pioneer 108 does with overspeeding burns but they burn great at 8x on most burners.

Taiyo Yuden, Mitsubishi, Maxell, Prodisc, TDK

My advice: Avoid prodisc -R. Dno about their +R, but their 8x -R isn’t too flash. Burns ok at 4x tho…