For the CD Freak that has everything: A $44,000 MP3 player

I just posted the article For the CD Freak that has everything: A $44,000 MP3 player.

 Man you  talk about bling-bling, how about an MP3 player that will set you back 25  thousand pounds? Proclaiming "Wealth is a beautiful thing" the douglas.j company  wants to get you connected...
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Has anyone actually seen one… £50 to read the specs. Sounds like a scam really… :d

What the heck was the point of even posting this? With no specs or any information, this is useless to me. This has got to be the absolute worst news article on cd freaks ever. I should submit a post about me selling a $44,000 beer. Hey, you want to roll big, and be bling-blinging you gotta have this $44,000 beer. Also, I will have to hand deliver the beer to you, cause I’m worried about the security of it cause it’s soooo great. What??? You want to know what type of beer it is?! Well it doesn’t matter, cause this beer is soooo expensive. It’s called “The Dynasty!” I know you want it!

Ok ok! I don’t want to be the one that posts the worst news story ever on CD Freaks, so I added the specs that was listed on another website. :slight_smile:

Truly the most advanced player with 1GB of internal memory… Where on earth can I go and get a player with 1GB of memory at a fraction of a cost? I hate being poor… :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s an old joke to the effect of this: Man is walking down the sidewalk and comes across a kid with a lemonade stand. He figures he should buy a cup, but then notices the sign says “Lemonade - $1,000,000”. The man asks the kid whether he’s serious, and the kid says that it’s true, the cold lemonade is a cool mil. The man asks the kid how he expects to sell any lemonade at that price, and the kid smiles and says, “I only need to sell one.” Bravo to these hipsters. I’d send a delivery limo to anyone with more money than brains too. :slight_smile:
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WOW!!! what a masterpiece!!! i can’t just imagine what the guys of the “Presidential” thing were thinking of!!! like, what the!! 1GB!!! i have about 190GB of MP3’s @home!!! and don’t mention the originals where they were extracted from… these Geniuses should’ve thought of some 1TB or at least 10GB!!! and what about file Extensions… a VCD player can play more than these!!! with more elegance and calmness (to the mind)… they could supply a built-in cd/DVD/HD-DVD/Blue-Ray player to be considered as a “a luxury media player”… or at least play DivX!!! and they think it’s technically “Superior”!!! haven’t they seen the ipods!!! yet??? AR$EHOLES!!!:frowning:

AHHhhh yes …a “must have” for those wankers whos bank account rises expotentially as their IQ falls…or those just famous for…well…being famous, in which case paris will have one in each imaginable configuration. If’n it don’t blow ya, it aint worth 44G’s…:X

My friend Paul Singer would love this toy!!

Wanton waste makes woeful want!

The Presidential is the most expensive media player in the world and it sets the tone for a whole new level of stupidity. When we first considered creating an overpriced, low-end media player, we realised that it had to be more than just overpriced and hideously ugly; we would need the cheapest components, and the most primitive technology. The final product was an instrument both advanced for 1995 and wallet-breaking. The Presidential is something that nobody in their right mind wants to have and few can afford brain cells in this day and age and so we figured: why the hell not? Click for more specs that we’re sure won’t insult your intelligence because we assume - naturally - that since you’re on our prestigious page, you don’t have any.

This is fake, the website is hosted on a cheapo domain server and the website was created by a script kiddy using code from etc…

Wow, even the freakmeisters get taken. :g

You can tell it is a fake, on the maintenance page, for the first few bullet points it is referred to “Your D.J.” and then later on its referred to “mp3”

Use your D.J necktie as a strap to reduce falls and scrapes. Avoid slamming or throwing your mp3 as this can damage the exterior.
Even if it wasn’t a fake :- 1) Do you really think David Beckham and his missus to mention a few would really know what those specs mean? (Its bling and expensive therefore it must be good) 2) Whats the fucking point of 512MB memory (On lower model) and let it happily play .WAV format? who would in their right mind would upload in that format?
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