For the Aussie user's Red Ant "Budget titles"



For the Australian user's out there, you probably seen the "budget" titles at store's like Myer's/Grace Bros., or Electronics Boutique with old games re-released from "Red Ant Entertainment/Big Bytes".
I recently got Thief for $20 from this label.
Love the game Thief itself & it run's fine. What irritates me is every time I insert the game CD's I get this "Splash Screen" intro from Red Ant & it wants to access the Internet to basically look at their site. It has nothing to do with Playing Thief.
I'm wondering if anyone has bought other games from this budget label & had to put up with this garbage intro screen when they just want to go & play the game instead.
What are your thoughts....:frowning:


Got Rainbow 6 and Chessmaster 6000 in that series. Neither tries to connect to Red Ant’s site (and neither is copy protected btw).


Okay, just checked again, it wasn’t Red Ant’s site, but Sold-Out Software’s website. (Still released by Red Ant),But definitely occurs everytime I insert the Thief game.
I think Clony said it had Protect VOB or something like that. Not looking to back it up at this stage, but I’m annoyed about the needless advertising…
About the only uses the “shockwave splash sceen” intro had was to select to install Thief & view the readme file!