For sure which firmware for DVR-109?




I just got a 109.
Nero InfoTool 3.00 doesn’t show any
letters or numbers after “DVR-109” in the
model name.

The original firmware shows as “1.17 05/02/03 PIONE”
The latest firmware is 1.40 right ?

I bought it in the USA (says it’s manufactured in China).
The Pioneer Japan site shows several flavors of the 109.
which gets firmware DVRA09_FW140EU.EXE (1.0MB)
and DVR-109(BK) which gets DVR109_FW140EU.EXE (1.0MB).

This has me confused.
Plus I found numerous other firmware files on other Pioneer sites.
222627662DVR109_FW140.exe 979,707 bytes from Pioneer USA site
DVR109_FW140EU.EXE 979,707 bytes from Pioneer Aussy site
R109_FW140EU.EXE 979,822 bytes from Pioneer Europe site

and the many others from like
DVR109_FW140EUJ.EXE 996,454 bytes from the standard directory of along with the Buffalo firmware for
this model.

I want to start off with the “default” Pioneer firmware for this model.
Can anyone tell me for sure which one of the above that is ?
Do I need to take out the drive and look at the case to verify the
model number ?




I got no idea what your on about, either use it as it is or flash to 1.40, yes its latest.


… because if you read the post carefully you’dl see
all these firmwares for the 109 are different –
different file sizes, names, etc.

i’ve never owned one of these drives and i’m not a
firmware freak –


I would go with the US based one, and worst case, if it’s the wrong drive, the (original) flasher won’t allow you flash it. Not 100% on that, but fairly certain, good luck.


Do not take a chance, open the drive remove the small ribon and lift the PCB, and check on the eprom (Version is writen in blue by hand normaly in english), it’s called U8 on the PCB :eek: :eek: :eek:

No seriously, use the DVR-109 any with 1.40 is newest and they are all the same once extracted…

the A09 and XL are for a different drive, but you are not at that evolution stage yet :stuck_out_tongue:


thanks guys that helps

i’m also gettin educated over at the firmware page forum

think i’ll just keep reading the posts and asking questions
'til i figure it out

… converting it to a A09 looks interesting …

and P00r I open it up and unsoldered the eprom to check
if there was any info under the chip … nothing :slight_smile:


Have a look at the sticker on the top of your drive, it has the model type on it. :wink:


Converting to the A09 is idiotproof, with that thread that i left comment on, its bacially a few clicks, you download files it tells you to, extract all to a new folder on desktop, tun update tool, it will be obv you need to browse to the 2 files(both r same anyhow) and mount in the console then run it, (BTW if like me you have front door on case, leave it open as this unlike normal flashing will eject tray on drive).
After it runs you download and run the quiet drive tool and if you can change settings it has worked, even though drive is still tagged as 109, then you close all on screen windows and reboot.

SORTED, thanks to the peep who psoted this noob proof method, it be near impossible to fook drive, i now rip nice 12x on dvd -/+ i need hire a real dvdrom to try 16x.


You could pick the latest official firmwares for the normal and the XL version and run them both. The flasher will not let you flash a wrong firmware onto your drive.


thanks all for your kindness and sense of humor
regarding my ignorance on this subject

i did the 109 to A09 convert and firmware update
as mentioned by humeyboy

i can confirm it’s idiot proof :wink:

DVRupdate 0.9 nows says it’s a PIO_ADV 0003 with 1.40 FW
so i assume it now has all the improved rip speeds etc.