For some reason I cant burn DL discs

I have a HL-DT-ST DVD±RW GSA-H31N 109 drive that i have used to burn dvds and cds. I recently discovered that it was supposed to be able to burn DVD+R DL discs but i have tried burn a few data DLs and failed every time. I currently have Imgburn installed.

Do i need to turn some settings on or off or what do i need to do?

I am at the moment trying to burn an ISO. I would use a DVD but i dont have any left so im stuck with the Dl’s for now.

Please help

What is the media you are trying to burn?


What brand of DL dvds are you trying to use? The only ones reliable enough for us to recommend are those sold under the Verbatim brand.

What speed are you burning at? I always burn DL media at 4x speed personally.

Edit: beaten to the punch…twice. You may not have much luck with those Memorex disks.

I was burning at 6x. I have tried using nero as well as imgburn. I havent set up any of the settings so that may be part of the problem along with the discs I am using. I get about 50% of the way and then I get an error.

That is typical with poor quality DL media. Failure at the layer break.

even though I am burning a standard DVD iso to a DL, is it trying to write to both layers?

That’s interesting. You’re sure the ISO fits onto a single layer dvd then?

Those Memorex DL are worse than I thought.

yeah, it fits perfectly onto a single layer. Ill make sure to stay away from memorex from now on. Frys here i come