For Socket 939 Rider: Opteron 175 Retail for $116 Shipped

for Newegg subscribers only

Promo Code: EMC1009CPU03

Another good deal is this one:
I have this $70 CPU overclocked to 2.8ghz in one of my socket 939 computers and it runs great.

I second this suggestion, or the 3800+ Toledo for $59.50, which I got. I’m not even overclocking mine, and theres a HUGE difference over my single Athlon64 3000+. wPrime Scores of 42 seconds on 2 threads vs 109 on one thread with my 3000+. If you’ve still got a Socket 939, and want to keep it around for a while, this is your only hope.

I just bought the OEM 3800+ X2 and overclocked it to 2.7ghz with stock cooler (wouldn’t recommend) and default voltage. I think I can pull a little more speed with a better heatsink and some overvoltage. I had another 3800+ x2 but I fried it (apparently had RAM in not quite snugly, and got the motherboard smoking, fried RAM, motherboard and CPU…). Great little CPU for the dime.

Here is another alternative site for the X2 4200+
The opteron is a better overclocker

Went ahead and ordered one last night along with a bunch of other stuff from
newegg. I have looked at the X2-3800+ and the X2-4200+ a few times before
but decided on the Opty 175 instead. I’m planning on building another system
but I might just use it in this system instead but I kind of hate the thought of
taking out my FX-55 because it does a pretty good job. I guess the Opty 175
will probably be better for Photoshop and encoding movies even though it has
400MHz less speed than the FX-55 2.6GHz vs.2.2GHz for the Opty. :confused:

Most softwares today designed for multi-core, so generally more like an upgrade than a downgrade from FX-55. You will see a major difference

I’m using the stock cooler from my 3000+. Even at at default speed I still don’t like the 120 degree temps under load. I wouldnt dare overclock mine until I get a better fan. I’m reluctant to buy any of the new ones though cuz they’re so damn ugly and bulky. I don’t like the idea of a fan that hovers above the CPU and looks like a broken down alien spaceship.

LOL!!! :bigsmile:

Here is the HS that I’m using with my FX-55 and it keeps it nice and cool and you can’t hear
any noise from it at all Thermaltake CL-P0200 80mm Silent 939 K8 - AMD K8 solution w/ Heatpipe Cooling Tech
I will be re-using it with the Opty that’s for sure. :iagree: :slight_smile:

I have been using the 2.6 Opty 185 for awhile now and I love it.:iagree:

$116 is a very good deal for the Opteron 175, pretty much the last upgrade for the socket 939. If you need anything that is a lot faster than that, then it is time to replace the motherboard and pretty much the whole system. Good for those who want to use their good old spare parts that that have under socket 939, using the old PC3200 RAM, and old PCI-E Video card

Just ordered one. Thanks for passing this on.

Here is the $5 off promo code for the X2 4200+ making it $65 shipped

Thats a great deal but if you plan on running a player like Cyberlinks Power DVD that will not be enough. :o

I have the X2 4200+ CPU overclocked to 2.8ghz with a $15 Arctic Alpine64 CPU cooler. With some good RAM and overclocking they deliver outstanding performance for less than $70.

I do not like to overclock my CPUs. I am not a gamer and it can seriously endanger your systems stability. That said, I do know many who do O/C and have no problems. Its just not my “Cup of Tea” so to say.:cool: :bigsmile:

I have been overclocking CPUs since the 486 days. Many people don’t realize that there is no physical difference between the highest and lowest clocked CPUs in a given product line. The manufacturer grades them on their ability to run at a given speed. Many times, especially if the CPU has been around for awhile and the manufacturing process has been refined enough, most will run well over their rated speed because they have been restricted at the factory to meet the consumer demand for lower cost chips.

Running a lower cost chip at a higher frequency has never cause a failure for me. Even when I bump up the voltage a bit. It took me about two hours to determine the X2 4200+ I just bought will run very stable at 2.8ghz. It idles around 35C and gets to around 52C with both CPUs under full load. I just backed up a DVD this morning with DVD Shrink using deep analysis (peak frame rate was 386 fps) and the highest quality setting for compression without one hiccup. The computer I did this on has a $40 open box Biostar T-Force 6100 MB (I use the on-board video), a $70 X2 CPU, 1 gig of two year old DDR400 RAM, a 112 gig Samsung HD, an NEC ND3550A DVD burner and a $10 Arctic Alpine64 heat sink and fan all in a 3 year old case. That is decent performance for box that has well under $400 in parts inside.

Overclocking isn’t for everyone but it isn’t that difficult to do and have a stable system. Especially, with the BIOS features that are available on some of the motherboards sold today. I have had some CPUs run for years with pretty aggressive overclocking. It has saved me quite a bit of money over the years by not having to pay for high end CPUs to have the same level of performance.

That one actually looks pretty tame compared to what I’ve seen locally. Thermaltake is a good brand and I’ve had positive experiences with them in the past. A Volcano 6 Cu+ on an overclocked Athlon T-Bird.

This is the kind of rediculousness i was talking about…

Who would honestly put that in their PC? :Z At first it looked like one of the robots from the movie Batteries Not Included. Zalman has fans with a similar design that look a lot better.

X2 4200+ has plenty of juice for PowerDVD Blu-Ray/HD-DVD Ultra version, what you really need is a GPU that has hardware support for decoding/encoding Hi-Def. I like to get the ATI Radeon 2600XT since it has hardware suport for VC-1 over the NVIDIA 8600GTS since it only has software encodes for VC-1

I have to sadly say that this Opty 175 is kind of a disappointment to me because it really isn’t
any kind of improvement over the FX-55 that it replaced. :sad: I’ve always heard people say that
running dual core improves boot-up times but if anything it has slowed my boot-up time down and
not speed it up any and opening files and programs hasn’t gotten any faster either about the same
amount of time as the FX-55 took. :confused: I guess loosing that extra 400MHZ makes a lot of difference
in raw horsepower so it looks like it is about overclocking time for me. :wink: :bigsmile: