For Sapa- Maxell TY QTest at 4X

well, it seems that the PM system doesn’t work, so I reply to you here
in public:

Hi again, I am not sure if my 2 last messages are reaching to you, as I can’t see them in my “Sent” folder.

then I am going to repeat the last 2:


When I run the quality test at lower speeds, the Maxell TY (+R) has much lower errors than the Pastel (-R). The spike-ramp at the end doesn’t appear.
This spike only appears when the Maxells are read at full speed. And this happens when they are read in the Aopen 1648 (Quality Test shows spike) and in the NEC 3500 (Transfer rate curve drops).
At full speeds, the Pastels (-R) are more robust. No spike at the end.

okay, I have finally placed my order at SVP.
100 unbranded TY nonprintable
50 Ridisc Extreme
50 Datawrite Titanium

all of them -R, 8X.

its a pity that I won’t be able to bitset them to DVD-ROM

Also, +RWs: 5 verbatims and one of those TDK armor-plated to see how they look like :stuck_out_tongue:

best regards


the pm works all right
Congratulations for the order placed.

SVP is a very good in terms of service. I often buy there some good TY or Verbatim and, like you, complement with selected E-Net references to have a look on the “wild side” of “mass media” :wink:

ah, okay, yes, it seems that my PC went crazy.
I am having problems to refresh my webpages, and my “history” bookmarks have been deleted.

Yes, I complemented with Ridiscs Extreme and Datawrite Titanium.
I have experience with Ridiscs G04, and they are indeed worse than the Pastels, but for a good price, they can be purchased.

Oh, I also ordered a 5-pack of Pastels (-R) to compare with the unbranded TY.