For Rene' or anyone with the info on E Mail address changes

I have been verbally notified by my ISP (formerly AT & T and Now COMCAST) that my E Mail address will be changing in the near future. Now I am registered for DVD2One via my AT & T address…how do I change (when the time comes) so that I might received updates and information properly? Can anyone shed some light. Once I receive a letter via mail…I will have 60 days to transition…



If you happen to loose the mail with your registration code, just tell me or erwin. Your email adress is not nescarry to download the new version any longer.

Thank You for the quick reply. I have made a copy of my e mail in case I lose it. So that sounds good to me. BTW…I just did a total movie copy…GREAT quality. Kudos…on a Fantastic product. You have won me over for good!

Thanks Again…