For Pete's sakes! Don't try this at home!

While burning some DVDs this morning I grabbed what I thought was one of my trusty Sony YUDEN000T02 blanks and loaded it in my Benq DW1655. I clicked the record button and suddenly my poor burner started making the most horrible banging/grinding/gear-stripping noises I’d heard come out of an optical drive. :eek:

I clicked the cancel button, but it didn’t stop! :eek::eek: I pressed the eject button on the front of the drive and it still wouldn’t stop!! :eek::eek::eek: Fortunately, the side cover was off the computer, so I was finally able to stop the agony by unplugging the power cable from the back of the drive.

I shut down the computer, and when I powered it back up I was able to eject the disk before the train-wreck could start again. I took the blank out of the tray and examined it, expecting to find a large crack, or a piece missing out of it, but it looked ok. Then I took a close look at the edge of the disk and realized that I was holding not one, but TWO Sony blanks! :doh: :o :a

I restarted the burning program and put another blank in the drive. I had to grit my teeth when I clicked the record button, but there were no strange noises, and the burn completed normally. I scanned the disk in my Lite-On 165P6S and it looked ok, so I guess the Benq survived my stupidity. But like the title says, please DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME!!!


I did that once, fortunately like you no damage was done.

So this is not the way to burn cheap do-it-yourself Double Layer DVD media? :bigsmile:

Hehe, thanx for sharing; me too I was trying to read 2 discs topped once upon a time…but when I heard the noise my finger instant-pressed eject button and everything was ok.

That is a good one DragMaster :bigsmile:

I’ve never done such thing with my drives , I always inspect any disc I put in the tray very carefully whether blank or written :smiley:

DragMaster…hehehe :bigsmile:

Thanks for sharing - nice sense of humour, too :smiley:

I haven’t done that, either - but there’s always a first time! :wink:

Good one :bigsmile: LMAO

I am that careful too when putting discs into tray and moreover I always thought that putting 2 discs can only happen to blockheads… till the day I did that too!! Also I have put disc few times so that it got pressed between tray and the drive (the disc wasn’t precisely on it’s place). So you can never be too careful when putting discs :wink:

I can honestly say I’ve done that a few times - usually when I’m in a hurry :iagree:

Well , I know it could happen and am very glad that your drive survived :smiley:

The only time that I did a clumsy thing with my drives was : crossflashing while there was a disc inside :Z Fortunately nothing bad happened .
It is very good that people like you post these kind of accidents so that we take greater care .

BTW : My brother also put a disc on top of an already existing dis in the tray of his DVD-RW drive but nothing happened too except the noise (he is a noob anyway) :bigsmile:

We are a lucky family :bow:

Why can`t we try to beat a Guiness World Record for how many dvds can we put in a dvd recorder? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Did that once but i presses the eject button and remove the second one… bad dvd… bad… :bigsmile: