For people in Melbourne

Anyone kno of any reliable media that you can find at swap meets and markets (i.e. Caribbean Gardens), that give results of 70+? Im looking for a cheaper alt. to TY, for the less important data…

Reliability depends on your burner. Some discs work fine in one burner but end up as coasters in others. What burner are you using?

Also, it might help to clarify that you mean Melbourne, Australia, not Melbourne, Florida :wink:

lol sorry, Melbourn Australia. Im using an old Pioneer A05, but i mite buy a new one if the price is right. Btw, What burner gives the best results and most consistancy?

Are most people get terrible results with Ridata?

The BenQ 1640 is a pretty good all around burner. It is a fast ripper and also does quality scans. Apparently MSY has it going for $60, which is bloody cheap :

Not sure about Ridata. Not tried it myself. Lots of documented problems with RITEKG05 discs in this forum, though.

looking for a cheaper alt. to TY

unfortunately there is no such thing as cheap if you have to reburn discs after a few weeks/months/years, or lose your data, taiyo yuden is in that sense the chepest media going, 1 disc 1 burn

The cheapest stuff of at least reasonable quality generally available at swapmeets around Melbourne are MaxData 8x Dvd -R. These are Gigastorage discs and are of reasonable quality for their very cheap price. They even burn ok in my picky Litey 832S albeit only at 6x or 4x.

[However, under no circumstances touch MaxData +R as they are fake MCC and are truly appalling.]

So is it safe to say that geniune TY’s will last as long as originals?

I don’t think anyone can claim that any DVD+R or -R discs will last as long as original pressed discs. DVD+/-R discs use organic dyes, pressed discs don’t. Organic dyes degrade with time. All sorts of environmental factors influence the degradation rate : temperature, humidity, exposure to light etc. The air in Melbourne is quite dry so if you keep the discs in a dark, cool place (e.g. a dark cupboard) my guess is burned discs will last maybe 5 years.

What most people do is to test their burned DVDs once every 6 months to see if they still read properly. Any disc that shows signs of reading problems is backed up at once.

try blankdvdsupermarket they are in moorabin st kilda get my disks from them

Hi, my first post here at cdfreaks…
I get my blanks from the Dandenong markets, there is one stall there that has most of the popular media at the cheapest prices I have come accross.

There’s a Melbourne in Florida?

More bloody Victorians… :iagree:

I get mine from the Dandenong / Caribbean market - Centek Technology,
though i wonder if they have the official dvd -r’s of Taiyo Yuden everyones talking about …

I need to see what they look like, in bulk packs, price doesn’t matter …


Official TYs come in several different brands and consequently, different packaging styles. So showing you real TY disc packs won’t help you figure out whether what you have are real. However, there are two ways to identify real TYs :

  1. Country of manufacture
    AFAIK, real TYs are made in Japan. It has to explicitly say “made in Japan” on the labelling.

  2. Serial numbers
    Look at the recording side of the disc, in the area around the hub ring and you should see a serial number of the following form, if the disc is real TY :

(x is a number)
4x DVD+R : TCxxxxxx
4x DVD-R : GDxxxxxx
8x DVD+R : TGxxxxxx
8x DVD-R : GGxxxxxx
16x DVD+R : THxxxxxx
16x DVD-R : GHxxxxxx

A different serial number system or a lack of a serial number typically means that the media is fake TY.

So which serials could be found for T Y’s CD-R discs also…?

Im getting the jist of this blank media, soo much valuable information.:slight_smile:

Sorry, but I don’t know about the serial numbers on TY’s CD-R discs. For some reason, I’ve never bought any - not bothering about CD-Rs much these days. However, I’ve been told that the cake box that TY CD-Rs come in are quite unique, so you can tell the discs apart from that. I’ve seen pictures showing the cake box in some other forum, but I can’t remember where I saw those exactly. :frowning: