For one lucky Freak in the DC area who wants a DRU-810A cheap

Hi all,

There’s still one new Sony DRU-810A left in the Staples at 1531 Rockville Pike as of 90 minutes ago. It’s on the shelf behind a couple of DRU-830A’s. Unless someone’s opened the box and switched the drive, this one is an 810A (the one that can be crossflashed to a Benq 1640), not an 810 AR (Benq 1650). See this thread for tips on how th tell the difference.

The manager scanned the price for me and said it’s clearance priced at $49.50 and there’s still a $20 Sony rebate available on this drive through January 6, 2007.

Offer 06-A30408 (Pre-Submit)

Offer 06-A30408 (PDF)

And to make the deal even sweeter, I’ll send a link for an unused 16 digit Staples $10 off $40 in-store printable coupon to the first member who sends me a PM saying where they are comming from (must be within reasonable driving distance of the Rockville store) and swearing that they will go grab this drive tomorrow.

So the deal is $49.50 + $2.47 Md tax - $10 coupon - $20 MIR = $21.97 final cost.

I’ve seen this drive sitting there every time I’ve been in the store for the last 3 weeks and I can’t understand why no one has snagged it yet. :confused:

I hope it finds a home with some deserving CD Freaks member on a budget… :slight_smile:


I purchased three 810-ARs (1650) from Office Depot last month for $24 each, plus $20 rebate. Final price for each unit after tax is $6. I suspect there may be a few units out there for sale @ your local OD.

Hi furballi,

I got a number of those myself at Office Depot for a similar price myself around the same time. :bigsmile:

I posted this figuring that they must be all gone at OD by now, since there’s been so much recent interest in the CompUSA/Norwood Micro-Benq rebadge deal at $30 + tax A/R.


I saw you post this about a week ago. Unfortunately, the Detroit-area ODs are completely out of them.

Have the CSR check the clearance bin. Got my 3rd unit that way. Showed no stock at the store. These units appeared to be cherry-picked drives…all +97% burns with Yuden T02 (PIEs under 15000, PIFs under 150).