For Olli : CloneDVD new Feature Request / Bug



Hi Olli,

I copied Nemo DVD (only main movie), and to have the title in french and not US I must select to rip angle 2. During the rip all looks fine, but when i play movie, all i get is a gray screen during title. I have to manually select angle 2 to get the video. So the request is :

When I copy only the main movie, and a select angle 2, could clone DVD make all angle parts becaume the default angle “angle 1” ?

I think it’s a bug because during preview or rip all looks fine, but it’s not what you get once burned.

Thanks !



AFAIK CloneDVD selects all angles by default (if it didn’t, it’s a bug). If you change this manually, you should know what you’re doing (CloneDVD assumes you do).


Hi Olli,
Thanks for the quick response.
I do all manually, I know what i’m doing i think :slight_smile:

What I want to do is to copy Nemo in french only, that means only angle 2 as it is presented in the CloneDVD interface. I don’t want angle 1 wich is the english title. But when i play it on a dvd player, the scene with the title is grey. This is because the player shows angle 1 which was not copied (the english title). If i manulay switch to angle 2 whith the remote controler, i get what was suposed to, the french title.

What I would like is that CloneDVD flags the frensh title (angle 2) to angle 1, so when the player would like to show angle 1 it displays the frensh part and not a grey screen…

I hope my explaination is not too confused…