For OClockers: Micron D9G chip 2-gig PC6400 under $245 shipped AR @ Newegg

You cant no longer find Micron D9G IC in corsair, except the dominator series of PC8000 or PC6400C3 and they are over $400 for 2 gigs. All the sub $300 corsair memory has gone south and using PROMO chip and they are not good for overclocking. And any other highend brand like GEIL, Mushkin, OCZ only use micron IC in their sub $400, and may be $350 in mushkin. Newegg has Patriot PC6400 800MHZ at an outstanding 2.2V, this beast can go easily over 1000MHZ for $276 with $40 rebate and $4.99 shipping. Tax for some states. This is the lowest MICRON CHIP memory I found after 3 days of searching for micron IC memory.



Micron chip confirmation

I am sure BigMIKE will be the first to jump on this deal

The other lowest price of PC6400 memory using Micron Chip is the Crucial Ballistix, sells for $289.99 on Newegg and supertalent for around $280. The rest are in $300 range especially the mushkin sells for $379.99

I’m not into OCing and I have a 1 gig PC4200 stick up my board. I am planning to upgrade to 2 GB - but seeing these prices I always resist. Will PC-6400 cause any difference if I am not OCing? Or I should stick to the cheaper PC4200 ones?

Why are you starving that poor, hungry X2 with PC2-4200?

Thanks for the link ghetocowboy. I’m glad that I bought 2 gigs of Corsair XMS2 PC2-6400 when it was first out in July at zipzoomfly for $163 after $40 rebate. :wink:

I am ready to upgrade if the performance boost is good.

I mostly do audio/video editing/encoding and photo editing.

Should I get one of those 6400 beasts?

Zevia, are yours Corsair Micron Chip???
Now Corsair under $350 are not even Micron Chip anymore, even their dominator series, except the C3 Dominator Series. To get Micron chip from Corsair, you have the buy the dominator series at the clock speed of 1000MHZ or PC800

Frys have the Corsair PC6400 Pro on sale for $249.99 OTD no rebates, Newegg and every other places have them for $330. I checked them out and they are not micron. All of the PC6400, PC6400C4, PC6400D4, PC6400Pro are no longer micron

You are Lucky Zevia if they are indeed micron, make sure they are revision 1.1 or 1.2

big difference, in term of reliability and trouble free
MIcron IC are the best DDR2 chip, only used in highend memory, I mean ultra highend memory