For Newbies - Best Media for 4120/4160

Why don’t We open a thread with some qualitative impressions about our experiences with best and worst media for use with our LG 4120/4160?
I’ve read about a lot of newbies (I’m one) who have a lot of problems burning dvd because of use of crappy media and who aren’t so experienced to usefully read kprobe or others “error scan”.

Personally I can say to have 100% of perfect burning with PLATINUM 8x DVD+R media [RICOHJPNR02] (burns at 12x) - the best I tested.

Also good results with cheaper media HYUNDAI DVD+R 8x [YUDEN000T02] even if they’ve been marked as “fake Taiyo Yuden”.

With DVD-R I had good burns with Verbatim Pastel and TDK (Taiyo Yuden) 4x media.

Bad results with Samsung/Optodisc DVD-R 4x Media and terrible results with Ritek and Bulkpaq DVD-R 4X/8x media.

Hope this could be helpful to someone… :wink:

LG GSA-5120D - Fw A112

Best results with my LG 4120 have been with 8x TY +R (burns at 12x).

Good results with Orange Bulkpaq 8x (ProdiscS04) and A111 firmware.

Answer: because there have been too many threads already that contain information about good media for 4120B and 4160B.

That Mitsubishi, Taiyo Yuden, and Ricoh media work well with 4120B and 4160B has been said and confirmed many times here, at least for six months.

The admin should sticky the thread then. Because this is useful info to me.