For NERO users version 7.0 for $23.99 after rebates is selling Nero 7 ultra edition for $78.99 - $35 rebate ( rebate) - $20 (upgrade or competative) rebate = $23.99 link to deal rebates have been good for me.

I’m sticking to 6.0 for a while

you can download a trial version of Nero 7 ultra edition ( up until 30th November…?)

Language: English
Current version:
Release Date: October 31st, 2005
Running Until: November 30th, 2005
Filesize: 101.26 MB ( 106184192)

tried 7, went 2 back 6. much better.

Agree, 6 is better than 7. 7 still has to many bugs.

I agree version 6 is 100% better than version 7!!!

Do the clean un-install like the Nero forum suggests and you’ll be verrrrry pleased with 7. Not a single problem, and a big upgrade from V6.

Just curious… what problems are you folks encountering???

i’ve had a few crashes not alot and overall i don’t like the new interface and there are too many programs they have added to it. i mean i just want to burn a dvd and they are snapping on latex gloves and asking me to bend over :bigsmile:

I hate rebates, nothing but pain. If they can let them do it, I will not go through that again. Six months for $50, forget it, keep it. There are always other ways of getting the same thing. Hint Hint. If they want me to buy it use automatic rebate. The pain, phone calls, and trouble just don’t cut it. I had a rebate, filled in the form with a text editor so there would be no question of them being able to read it. Two months later they sent me a letter saying I did not include the Serial number. BS it was there. These rebate second stringer companies pray on people. It only took 6 months, 10 phone calls and a threat from the attorney generals office to get my lousy $50 :doh: Change your ways or there are always other ways, It’s your choice.

I agree with you bkf, to have to go through all that for 50 bucks, I’ll just stick with V6 and wait for a stable V7 and a better upgrade policy.