Hi everyone!

I bought some original Mitsubishi media +rw 4x and they are awesome and so are Sony (Ricohjpn). Now Does some one have the scans of both written with a 3500 and conclude which is the better one so that I can switch over to the best.


P.S - I am not joking. I paid 4 $ for each RW and for MKM DL it is 13.5 $ . So Now my question carries more weight hopefully

Only have the Sony RicohJpn W11. Good stuff. You can get them at Target for $5.50 in a 2 pack, or Fry’s for $9 (10 pack).

These are Ricoh W11s and they burn flawlessly on my 3500. I get scans in the teens. If you really need to see a scan, post and I will get one this weekend. $34 per 100, delivered.

In my experience the RicohJPN W11 (Fuji branded) are much better than the MKM A02 (Verbatim branded) DVD+RW - at least the ones I have.

I have burned both types of discs in three different burners, and PI/PO scans agree that the RicohJPN W11 are better in all three drives: Plextor PX-712A 1.05, NEC ND-3500AG 2.18 and LiteOn LDW-851S (crossflashed with SOHW-832S firmware CG3E).

Here are some scans (performed after a few write/overwrite/erase cycles). Please note that this particular scanning drive (Plextor PX-712A) shows more PIE/PIF than most PX-712A drives you will see in the CD Freaks Plextor forum, so please see these scans as the relative quality of these two disc types and not as the absolute quality of these discs!

[li]RicohJPN W11 burned by NEC-3500AG 2.18:[/li]Sum8 scan showing PI Errors
Sum1 scan showing PI Failures
[li]MKM A02 burned by NEC-3500AG 2.18:[/li]Sum8 scan showing PI Errors
Sum1 scan showing PI Failures
[/ol]I have scans of these discs burned on the Plextor and LiteOn drives as well. I’m not attaching the scans here (due to attachment limitations), but there is the same quality difference between the Fujifilm RicohJPN W11 and the Verbatim MKM A02 discs.

I have had only one burn with a verification error (a burned file being different from the original), and that was with a Verbatim MKM A02 disc! The disc was overwritten (with Nero) without being erased first.

My vote goes to the RicohJPN W11 discs, but there’s room for much improvement compared with the burn quality of +R or -R discs (i.e. not re-writable discs).

I usually use my Benq for +rw, but can confirm that ricohjpnw11 is better than mkma02. Also good in my experience is philips 041.

Thanks guys. I will make sure henceforth that I will use RICOH. Not to mention it is comparitively cheaper and from my previous post, I am sure you understand why I would be mentioning this :bigsmile:

…and I have a BenQ 1620 and an NEC 3500 and can confirm that they BOTH like the Ricohjpnw11.

This is good as I have 100 of them. :smiley: