For my sanity, is this a good burn or should I toss it?

I’m trying my hardest to lower my standards in determining what’s a good burn. I often toss backups into the trash just cuz they’re not HOF caliber or close to it. I’ve decided I need to stop being a jerk off. So in everyone’s opinion, is this quality scan a good burn or should I toss it? I’m used to getting max. pif below 6 and a pif total between 50-300. The pif spikes seem to be mostly single ones so that makes me think I should maybe keep it. Not sure. 400 pif error in the first 50% of the disc makes me lean towards tossing it.

That’s a keeper, provided that it can also pass an actual reading test such as e.g. a Read Transfer Test. PIE/PIF quality scans by themselves are not enough to determine if a burn is good.

And you should definitely lower your standards if you’re throwing out discs with more than 300 PIF total or more than 6 PIF max (per 8 ECC blocks). :wink:

It’s a nice burn! Maybe not amazing, but very nice.
The single PIF speaks won’t give any problems, and the jitter is very good.
You could do a transfer rate test to see how the media performs in real world…

If i was you and got constant burns like this, I would keep them!

[B]EDIT[/B]: Damn! Drage was one minute faster! :stuck_out_tongue:

As others have stated, your scan looks fine, if not HOF caliber (as you say). Use the advanced disc test if you want more detailed criteria on deciding if a disc is good enough or not, the POE values are quite an interesting parameter as I find they usually correlate well with PIF levels.

If they were my discs, I would scan at 16x aswell, 8x can hide some potential issues (which 16x TRT can also show, but not always).

Also, it is very dependant on what you are using these discs for. If it is just for expendable uses, then scanning is mostly unneeded. If, however, it is for archival usage, then test until your satisfied IMO.

This is an excellent result. Period. I have discs with good readability and functionality that have errors hundred-fold to this scan (evenly spread across the disc naturally). Obviously they aren’t good burns and I wouldn’t be comfortable with them for important data over a long period of time, but suffice it to say that you’re being FAR too picky about the results of your scans. A scan with error totals 5 times as high would be perfectly fine if the disc performs decently in TRTs and has good stability.

No problem with that disc. I’d say I normally toss discs with 1000 or more PIF if they contained important material, especially if there were blobs of consolidated PIF. If the transfer curve is clean, then I’d keep them for less important material. The PIF in this scan isn’t consolidated, so this would certainly be a keeper assuming a good transfer curve.