For movie pirates, it's full speed ahead

I just posted the article For movie pirates, it’s full speed ahead.

DivX has evolved video technology, but also evolved piracy, besides trading MP3 files also movies are now transferred over the internet, giving the movie industry a headache.

A recent…

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I dont believe these figures at all and I think they’re another stretch just to give the Movie industry an excuse to whine and try to shove some new laws down our throats. I know films are traded but no where near the number they are claiming.

Well i must say that the numbers are huge, but probebly correct. What i really like about this article is that it does not start saying crap like The pirates are costing the movie industry Millions of dollars. Cause that would be bullshit. I hat it when people starting saying how much the piracy of movies is costing, this is all pure crap. Spiderman open in theathers on a friday, that Sathurday night the movie was online, pretty good quality too. But the MOVIE was the first to sell over 100milion opening weekend. Then the Eminem cd that was avalible online about 2-3 weeks before it went on sale was the most sold CD on the market. Now explain to me how the piracy is hurting the industry.

It’s not. I have tons of DivX’s but I still go to the movies all the time even if I’ve downloaded the film BEFORE it’s released here in the cinema. You cant beat the cinema. The only people I can see DivX’s and stuff hurting is blockbusters and to be honest, unless you have a VERY good setup at home, most people still rent movies when they have friends around or anything where they really want to chill. A computer movie just isn’t the same as one infront of a nice big tv in a big comfortable living room with popcorn and stuff. The main difference my movies make to me is that I watch films that I wouldn’t have forked out the money to rent anyway. Even if I had 10000 films it wouldn’t be effecting any sales because I wouldn’t be buying the films if I couldn’t download them, I just wouldn’t be watching them.

I downloaded Star Wars: Episode II. The rip was so horrible I decided not to watch it at all and watch the movie at the theaters not once, but twice (once with friends and second time I took my brother to see it). Even if the rip had been DVD quality, I still would have gone to see the movie at the theaters simply because the experience in theaters kills watching it on a 17 inch monitor or even the 32 inch TV. Mass piracy (i.e. mass bootlegging) loses sales, but ordinary piracy (home users :)) does not really lose sales in the ‘modest’ way the BSA/MPAA/RIAA claim. According to their ‘modest’ look at piracy, I cost them another, at the least, $7 for downloading Star Wars: Episode II - it would been at least one more time I would see the movie at the theaters instead of at my house, even though I already saw it twice at the theaters. BSA/MPAA/RIAA :r

700 mbs for a film? nonsense. a film needs just ca. 200 mbs, and quality is satisfactory. most people just don’t know how to encode properly. example: panic room: 250mbs tmd release. I re-encoded the first part using divx 5 pro, result: loss in quality: none, while the file size was just 80 mbs, instead of 130 mbs.