For mods: Why was my Lost thread deleted?

Um… the thread was regarding official, legit shows put up by the publishers of the programming. Why was it deleted? Just curious…

Moved this thread to forum talk.

The Admin responsible as far as the forum management is concerned is Tax.

Sorry, I guess I was to quick on the delete button (in a hurry this morning).
Misread and thought it was asking for illegal download, but I was wrong.

Restored the original thread and hereby offer you my apologies.

Yo Tax-

Appreciate your honesty, integrity and concerns-


OK, thanks. :smiley:

Still no replies though… :frowning:

Always said, and will continue to say so, if I am wrong, I am wrong and not afraid to admit it. Luckily some things can be recovered here, depending on the method of deletion.

As far as the replies to the original thread go…have no idea…
Sometimes it helps to reply in the thread to bump it to the top of the list again…