For maximum compabillity: DVD-R or DVD+R w/ DVD-ROM Bitsetting?



Hi all.

I would like to backup a 4GB game on DVD, and I want it to be as useable as possible. My options are: DVD-R or DVD+R @ DVD-ROM. The media will probably be Verbatim based on the CMC/TY codes. BTW, if I have a 5GB game laying around, my only option to backup it is with DL?


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you can probably never make a dvd disc 100% compatible with ALL hardware. i would try dvd-r


i’ve found dvd+r booktyped to dvd-rom to be more compatible with devices than dvd-r.


So what to choose? I guess I should take the cheaper?


Usually -R media is cheaper than +R but there are exceptions. I suggest +R bitset to ROM for maximum compatibility of the game backup.


It depends on what kind of game it is. Are we talking PC, Videogame consoles, ect?





Why not just do both?


Because I’m not intersted in wasting discs, I will like to know for sure before I burn. But if you think about it, I can buy 25 DVD+R + 25 DVD-R.