For Maarten (cd_NL) & Uptownchris



port: standard
l/p: anonymous
path: (got lost between Cairo & Bangladesh)

ISO: Links 2000 Course Pack v1 - FLT
l/p: anonymous
path: (too easy to find)

Email me for the path

P.S A good hint! Get a REAL ftpclient! One that shows hidden paths! So i'm not talking wsftp, cute or any other bullshit.

Some othe shit like (lame rips

l/p: 0days (or oday)

-The Sims

-The Sims Sound Addon


-Superbikes 2000

-Corsairs Gold

-Corsairs Gold Movie Addon

Enjoy...want some more postings? lemme know!


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Your the best! Hey you should have a site!

WebMaster of ShadowKasters NY


no sweat!

the best? no sorry! can’t accept that!
the best are those who make the day :wink:
(and i just enjoy it…)

Might that be Squage? pop pop (9mm with silencer)

Greetz to all! Let the files flow heheh



I tried to email you, but you forgot at forgotten. hehehe

WebMaster of ShadowKasters NY


sure we can use more posts not to many people do.

WebMaster of ShadowKasters NY


Uptownchris, i mailed ya, so now you know where to go

When the Slingblade come, better be gone :wink:


Man you believe i lost the email, with the path after i responded to you, S%$#!, I responded to your email, hope i get it back, Thanx iso

WebMaster of ShadowKasters NY


Thanks again for the good ftp sites!



Hey ISO ,

Thanks for the glasses, I can see! i can see!!
What a miracle! I can see.! hehehe

WebMaster of ShadowKasters NY